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Inclusion Policy

Sprouts Childcare

Sprouts Childcare Inclusion Policy

Working with Parents, Carers, Schools and other Professionals

At Sprouts Childcare we recognise that each child is unique and that occasionally there may be the need for additional support.  We understand the importance of working to meet the needs of all the children in our care.

This document outlines the procedure Sprouts have put in place to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of children, creating an environment free from discrimination, whilst ensuring we do not exceed Sprouts limitations. 

New registration:

When registering your child on the Kids Club HQ system, if you tick the box for additional support or SEN, please contact head office at [email protected]. You will be sent out an inclusion pack.  This pack is there to disclose all information that we need to know to assess that we can meet the needs of your child and receive consent to contact any SENCo or other agencies. 

Sprouts may decide that a settling in period would be recommended to ensure that your child settles and adapts to a new process, we will work with you the parent/carers to implement this timescale.  We recommend any settling in period be a minimum of two weeks. 

Existing registered children:

If you are an existing client of Sprouts Childcare and you are going through the process of a diagnosis or your child’s needs change, please contact Head Office [email protected]. It is your responsibility to update your details on Kids Club HQ.

You will need to complete an inclusion pack for your child – All information that is disclosed is treated as confidential and all information will be shared with only relevant people:

  • Diagnosed SEN
  • Undiagnosed SEN behaviours
  • Trauma related behaviours
  • Developmental Delays

The pack must be completed fully, and all information must be disclosed, please be honest as incorrect or false information may result in childcare being withdrawn or suspended whilst we reassess your child’s needs. 

Once the pack has been received, Management will review the information and assess the individual needs of the children in consultation with the parents and the school Management team.  We will, where possible make reasonable adjustments to ensure that your child can access Sprouts provision. 

Sprouts Childcare promote the sharing of information as an invaluable tool to ensure that every child is happy, healthy and safe whilst they are in our care, we will therefore gain consent to work with schools and other professionals within our area to ensure that we are fulfilling our obligation, whilst ensuing the health and safety of all children and staff at Sprouts. 

Sprouts DO NOT offer a one-one basis, if this is needed, please contact Charlotte/Amy on 01489 576823 where we can work with the school and the local council to see if any funding will be available to access. 

Children that attend the setting MUST be able to:

  • Stop, Listen and follow any emergency safety instructions
  • Use Safe Places as intended
  • Listen to Staff members when giving instruction
  • Know when their behaviour is having an impact on others

To ensure that we meet the needs of all the children in our care, meet our health and safety obligations and follow our Risk assessments. Children must NOT:

  • Leave any designated Safe Place/or sprouts designated play area
  • Be violent towards others
  • Volatile behaviour – i.e:
    • throwing of play equipment / furniture
    • Aggressive behaviour towards staff and other children

Should children show any of these behaviours and become a risk themselves, we will work with you to ensure we cover all aspects and review if the setting is able to meet their needs

Triggers and Behaviour

Sprouts Childcare understand that occasionally children with additional needs may find the free flow setting that we offer unmanageable, resulting in challenging behaviours or triggers being triggered.  Should this occur, we will: 

  • Follow any behaviour management strategies implemented for the child as agreed in their individual care support plan
  • Record any incidents/triggers that cause the behaviour in the STAR Trigger Record form being completed
  • Inform parents/carers and school of any incidents to ensure complete transparency and record keeping. Parents/Carers must sign the trigger form, failure to do so will result in your childcare being withdrawn

When a Trigger form is completed, parents must sign the form to acknowledge the trigger/incident, Sprouts will then review if we are able to:

  • Identify Triggers and review if we can remove triggers
  • Adapt the environment/alter routines
  • Be extra vigilant at settings times or at times the child finds difficult
  • Monitor ongoing triggers and adapt where possible

Sprouts will always praise good behaviour and be a good role model.

Should behaviour persist and become a danger to others or themselves we will:

  • Report all findings to parents and the school
  • Implement an individual child risk assessment
  • Implement an individual strategy plan for your child including review dates

If Sprouts feel it necessary, we will contact you to come and collect your child if we feel that they or others are at risk.  If the behaviours are persistent and not manageable for Sprouts staff, we will consult with you, and we may have to follow the Behaviour Management Policy and the Suspensions and Exclusions Policy.  However, we will work with person involved before any decisions are made. 

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