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CPD training for PE professionals and PE teaching cover that counts

Bring in the experts to deliver CPD for your PE staff, increasing their skills, knowledge and confidence in their delivery of PE and their own career development.

  • Increase your teachers’ confidence in their delivery of PE
  • Improve teachers’ skills and knowledge across the wide-ranging areas of the PE curriculum
  • Invest in teachers’ understanding of the life skills PE can offer

When it comes to CPD for your PE teachers, it makes sense to bring in the professionals. Our staff are qualified sports coaches and experienced primary school teachers, who can guide your staff confidently and productively along their PE professional development journey; stretching and challenging them and transforming how PE is delivered in your school.

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We’ll liaise with your PE lead to plan their CPD programme for the year ahead, and deliver a tailored course of engaging, motivational sessions to your staff, on a basis that suits your school. Ensuring you deliver excellence in your PE curriculum, recruit and retain the best PE teachers, and maximise the potential and enjoyment of every student.

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PPA cover for PE lessons

No school wants PE lesson cover to involve inexperienced staff supervising a poorly-planned sports session.

Ensure excellence in your PE delivery even when your full-time teacher is required elsewhere, with professionally planned and executed PPA cover from Sprouts.

Our fully qualified PE coaches will work with you to plan and deliver an innovative, progressive calendar of lesson cover linked to the National Curriculum with all relevant assessment and development boxes ticked, and all student needs catered for.

With our experience and flexibility, and our emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices and the communication and social skills children can develop through PE, you’ll be completely confident that your PPA cover is in good hands with your students continually engaged and progressing.

Providing you with both teacher training and lesson cover, investing in your PE provision suddenly seems a lot easier with Sprouts.

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