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Admissions Policy

Sprouts Childcare

Admissions Policy

Sprouts Childcare Ltd will do their upmost to accommodate as many children as possible in the breakfast and after school clubs. However, given the space, staffing requirements and the contract we have in place with the schools, it will not always be possible to accommodate all children.

If we do not have enough space for all children, we will first look at any possibilities of expanding the clubs and consider any other space we can utilise. Once these avenues have been exhausted, we will admit children in a similar way to the schools. This will be how we prioritise children to make it as fair as possible.

1. Children in care
2. Children with siblings at the same school
3. Children with siblings at a connected school
4. All other children

Each club has a different amount of space and can therefore accommodate different numbers of children. If you are moving schools i.e., infants up to juniors, please let us know when your school place has been confirmed.

Once school places have been confirmed, please contact us with your requirements and we can go from there. If you attend Sprouts Childcare Ltd already and are moving to another one of our schools, we will assume you intend to stick with the same sessions, unless we hear otherwise. We will email to confirm whether you have your space or not. This can take up to a few weeks after the school places have been confirmed.

If you are not successful in gaining a space at Sprouts, we will add you to our waiting list and we will inform you as soon as a space becomes available.

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